How To Write Awesome Articles For Ezine Articles

It seems Ezine Articles has been cleaning up their service and that has gotten people on the edge. But with Ezine Articles having raised their standards, it could actually be a benefit for you as you now have to raise the quality of the articles you are writing. You would probably not feel to good about having your article rejected especially as you will have to re-do it before it can be published. If you get it right the first time it could get out there faster to bring traffic to your site. Go ahead and make that an incredible article.

What are you trying to say? Are you giving out some good information. You don’t want someone scratching their head after reading your article and wondering what it was about. So load up that article with some good content. You really are not sharing all of your information and you want to keep some things for people to go to your website but if you are not providing at least some good information you will lose your readers before they finish reading the article.

Are you writing for the search engines or for your readers? After all Ezine Article does want you to use your keywords, as they will benefit as well but you want to make sure they make sense to your audience. “Deal of Day Watch” really doesn’t sound like a good title or make a good sentence in the middle of your article. There are not a lot of people who talk like that.

You want to make sure that it makes sense. I am sure you have read articles that just make no sense, it just does not read well and it does not come to a conclusion. If your article is not interesting then it will not be read by many. You would not expect them to continue reading all the way to the then end of your article and then read your bio. You want to be personable with your readers. They will be more intersted in the article and feel closer to an author who includes a little bit of their personal story.

Do you know who your readers are? It would be good to know who your readers are and why they like your stuff. What are they interested in or what problems do they have? You should be after this information and then you will have content to put in your articles for your readers. If you are not sure about what they want then visit a few forums and take note of the information people are seeking.

And make sure you are checking the article. Try reading the article yourself out loud and see if it sounds good to you. That’s right, read it out loud. You will be surprised how you are able to catch how your sentence structure may sound.

And are you familiar with the writer guidelines of Ezine Articles? Did you know that they also offer useful writing tips on their blog that you can read? when you go there look around, they have an unbelievable amount of information you will have access to.

Length of article
Looking at the rules for Ezine Articles, it says that they want your article to be at a minimum of 250 words, so you could continue to write shorter articles if you want. It might be kind of tough trying to put a lot of information in 250 words. You could try a split test by putting your 250 words of fluff against a 400+ word article of information (but not the complete story.) You could use the same bio for both articles. Then see which article gets the most click throughs and makes more sales.

Also remember that you usually give the most from the body of your article, so don’t hold back with your information and the article bio and resource box is where you take. This would be where you would be offering that excellent content and leave a link to your site and invite your readers to visit.

You may have even given thought to writing “quantity over quality” but I will share with you that by writing quality articles you will certainly give the opportunity to have that article picked up on a high-traffic website. That will increase your chances for exposure as the traffic on that website now becomes your traffic as well. So be sure you are trying to produce some outstanding quality articles.