You Can Become The Expert In Your Niche

As you get started in your online business, it can seem like you have not made a wise choice. With all of the successful competition and the online gurus who seem to be experts at whatever they do. And all you hear and read about is how you should become an expert and you will have a niche following which will build your business.

It all sounds like you are getting some really good advice, all of the experts telling you to become the expert. But they do not tell you how to get it done. You may not feel like you are an expert in any niche right now, but that is about to change.

One of the first things you need to realize is that there is no University of Experts. There also is no ecourse that will be having you become a recognized expert. If there was I would like to know where the front of the line will be because there would be lots of people in line. So, just how did those experts and gurus get to that recognized expert status? You had better believe it did not happen overnight.

Most of those experts got the recognition by going overboard with excellent customer service, showing an ability of wanting to help people and giving the members in their chosen niche what they wanted and are willing to buy. They also got educated in the specific differences between “offline” and “online” marketing.

Go ahead you say with that thinking that “business is business” and the actual platform doesn’t matter, but you would be wrong. The marketing concepts may be similar, their application is different. Internet marketing is performed in a very fast environment and there could be changes in a heartbeat. It is also a graphic environment driven by many invisible forces stemming from the social networking sites that have millions of members.

So, what could this mean to you and your quest to become a recognized expert in your niche? Simply, if you want to be successful, it may be to your advantage to follow in the foot steps left by all those expert gurus you want to be like.

You will want to begin by selecting your niche carefully. Be sure to do your keyword research and take a look at the competition and the popularity of the niche you want to enter. You will be looking for a niche with lots of active interest and members willing to buy your products. Try doing a Google search on your subject and be sure to look at the sponsored ads along the top and right side of the results page.

If you find lots of ads, that will probably mean that your niche has money to spend. A lot of marketers are paying for those ads and you can be sure they would not be throwing money away in a non-lucrative market. Make sure to look for a tightly focused niche by refining your search terms down from broad to narrow, like from dogs to cocker spaniels.

After you have come up with the right niche, you will want to search for forums to join that are specifically focused on your niche. Now here is where you can start building your reputation as an expert. Now go and join one or two of these forums, introduce yourself and become a good community member by helping other members answering their questions and asking intelligent ones and providing links to resources that you are aware of. And above all do not start trying to market until you have created a good reputation.

Once you have established yourself as someone who likes to help, then you can add a link to your products in your signature. Then many of your forum members will check out your link to see what you are all about. How about creating a special report of real value to the members and offering it freely. If your report is any good and can offer value to the forum members, your reputation will build rapidly. Your focus and genuine helpful manner will fuel your reputation.

As you go down the road to becoming an expert, you will start making money as your focus starts to generate a following. Many of the newbies to Internet marketing usually skip that focus and begin using the “buckshot” method of marketing, moving from one sure-fire method or product to another. You will see that it just doesn’t work.

So, in conclusion, you will want to find a niche that will match your passion, do your keyword and competition research, drill down to a tightly focused category within your generic niche, find and join forums and start assisting people. No, I would not call it brain surgery, but honesty, recognition of the problems others in your niche are trying to solve and a willingness to provide specific solutions.