Introducing eCover Black Pack By Doug Champigny

Picture this. You have a great idea for a new website. So you sit and set about planning the lay out, what you want it to look like, what kind of design you want to use. Everything is going along well and then you realize that you need some graphics.

Let’s see, last time you got your friend Joe to do it for you and the time before that it was someone else. Now you can pay to have it done again but you cannot afford the expense right now. At least not until you have made some money.


Well, I have found the answer for you. Again my friend Doug Champigny has the solution for you. He has just come out with eCover Black Pack. With these Photoshop Action Scripts you can forget about having to ask or pay someone to do it for you again.

Graphics can be a major expense for when you want them for a new website. You can spend between $100-500 for a good set of graphics.  So, why not learn how to do it yourself.

The PhotoShop Action Scripts in the e-Cover Black Pack can help your learning curve. Here are a few of the things it can do for you:

- 35+ Professional Action Scripts To Make Creating eCovers easy

- Detailed videos done by an Inhouse video expert

- A secret source where you can grab Source Graphics cheap

- An Interactive Membership Area For Additional Information

- Unmatched Product Quality!

- Graphics That Convert More Sales!

- Unlimited Site License With No Restrictions!

- Peace of Mind!

All of this is included with your eCover Black Action Pack. You will be amazed at just what you can do with these action scripts in this package.

It has been shown that good graphics can increase the sales and traffic to a good website. With these action scripts you can move up to the next level with your websites. None of those dull websites anymore. And you will feel even better because you did it your self.

Here are a few ways you will be able to use these easy action scriptd for profit…

-  Create Graphics For All Of Your Websites!  Obviously, the first and fastest thing to do is add graphics to all of your websites using your new action scripts package.  Just download your action scripts and you’re off to the races creating graphics forever!

-  Sell Graphics To Other People!   As you get comfortable using the action scripts, you can also create graphics for other people and sell them this service at a premium price!  Think about that!  Collect high graphic design fees without even being a graphic designer!

-  Do A Yearly “Upgrade” To ALL Of Your Websites!  This is a big benefit that most people just don’t think of doing (mainly because of the cost).

-  Just Save Money! If all you did was create ONE set of graphics for your website using the Action Scripts package your purchase has already paid for itself!  Every other graphic you create OR sell is just additional savings and profit!

-  Increase Orders With Graphic Bonuses! If you gave your best customers a free set of graphics created in just a few minutes with your E-Cover Black Pack action scripts, do you think they would purchase even MORE products from you?

-  Create Graphic Packages! Create packages of graphics for certain markets, package them up and sell them at a premium price! There are literally thousands of niches out there that need graphics that you can create and  sell them for 100% profit!

The possibilities are endless. This is certainly something that can help you with more exposure and more sales for your website. Remember image is everything. Be sure you get over to see this great action script right HERE.

To Your Success,
Andre Arnett
New Breed Marketer

P. S, I understand the first 100 will be able to get Master Resell Rights to this package. Another reason to head over right now.