How To Create An Ebook That Will Sell

Ebooks may just be the newcomer in the field of publishing but
its popularity is steadily growing. In fact, there are a lot of
people who already have their ebook readers in tow. It is mighty
convenient especially for people who are always on the go but
are looking for something that they can do when they are caught
in idle moments like when waiting for the bus or when traveling
on the subway.

That is why often, ebooks now are on subjects that are leisurely
or information based. There are a lot of how-to ebooks in the
market. Also self-help. In fact, most of the titles right now,
besides the novels are books that cover relationships, home
remodeling, self improvement and investments, things that people
are very interested in.

Another great thing about ebooks is they are cheap. It is
electronic so there is really no need for paper or for
publication, which is basically what we are paying for in books.
The content and the payments for the author and the designer or
artist are just a small portion of the total cost.

Right now, it is very easy to create your own ebook. There are
sites that will help you create one, even providing step-by-step
procedures on how to do it. Some sites even sell software that
will help you make one in an instant. This of course only
pertains to the technical side of making ebooks. How to layout
one, how to convert them into a file that ebook readers will be
able to read, how to sell them and market them. Only a few ever
provide tips on how to write one.

This is an important oversight because the content is very
important. Before you can actually sell and market the ebook,
you first must have incredibly interesting and well-written
content. You also need to have the materials first before you
can layout and convert into a readable file. Below are some tips
on how to create a winning ebook.

1. Make the topic interesting The topic is important. Check out
the ebook titles in the market and see which topics are popular.
Some of the usuals are what was mentioned earlier:
relationships, home design and improvement, investing and wealth
management, self-improvement and anything about health and diet.
You can also go into hobbies like crafting or cooking. People
will also be interested in trivia books or information-based

2. Make it readable Keep the words simple. Don’t use big words
and long sentences. Remember that the people who will be reading
your ebook want to relax and at the same time learn. Do not tire
them or make them head ache by putting in words that they need a
dictionary for or convoluted sentences that they have to reread
before they can understand. One of the most effective format is
the number format or the enumerated type similar to this
article. It is easier on the eyes plus, easier to the brain.

3. Put in some experts One way to make the ebook your created
reliable is to put experts that will discuss the topic. They
don’t have to actually write the ebook, just provide information
that will give credibility to it.

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Learning The Basics Of E-Book Writing

E-Book’s and the art of eBook writing are two of today’s latest digital innovations as well as being lucrative Internet money-makers. Today, many free-lance writers (most of them new ones and have not even published anything on print) are doing very good business in selling their work, all in the digital form of eBooks. Websites are also making a killing with the sale of their eBooks. (Or their products are selling well because they have eBooks as give-away presents to their customers.)

How are eBooks written? Why are many writers averse to doing eBooks?


For all intents and purposes, eBooks are real books, by and of themselves. The writing is the same, only that the finished product is in digital form, and can only be read by computers, cell phones, electronic readers (Kindles and iPads). (Of course, one has the option of having a hard copy on paper.)

An eBook, in its present style today, usually has an artfully designed front and a back cover with the title (albeit in digital form, too), an introductory part, a table of contents,
the body of the written work, and an index.

For fiction written on an eBook form, there is not much difference with its printed cousin. It has the electronic front and back covers, the table of contents, the body and the prologue or epilogue or whatever was needed.

Birth of eBooks

Before eBooks became a new innovation in online business, its beginning was basically adjunct to the needs of websites. When online commerce became the new rage, more and more sites were born.

Online competition for more visitors and more customers came to a head. Sites had to produce more and more data to offer to their visitors. These come in the form of more and more articles and other forms of digital literature.

Soon, these articles had to be longer and more extensive as well as more data-laden and informative. eBooks was then born. These new forms of long, formatted articles were either given away for their customers as sweeteners or are sold as separate products.


These eBooks gave credibility to their mother sites because they were informative, fact-based, and have the authoritative air of being written by an expert. (They were actually written by experts, then.)

The new form of online literature took on a new life of its own when it found its own marketing niche. eBooks sold and bought on their own accord are also making very good business.

Online bestsellers

Soon, more and more free-lance writers were writing and producing eBooks on all kinds of subjects under the sun. Some time earlier, even established names in the literary world of printed literature joined into the fray.

Horror master Stephen King wrote some novels specifically for online distribution. He shocked everyone, mostly from the print media, when his online digital books became bestsellers.

Today, eBooks just about covers all kinds of subject matter and they all sell – fiction and nonfiction (reports, instructions and how-to manuals, and many others) are all making good business.

Business experts predict that with the present trend, sale of eBooks will equal if not surpass that of traditional printed literary products. Are you planning to write and produce an eBook?

What Is The Buzz About Creating An E-Book

Creating an e-book is becoming popular in publishing useful information nowadays. An e-text which represents the digital media similar to that of a conventional printed book is called an e-book. The term e-book is short for electronic book.

This can be read on a personal computer or on a hand-held device specifically made for this purpose. Some e-books are created with their printed version simultaneously. But how does one create his own? The following are the steps in making an e-book.

Just like any other thing, creating an e-book begins with the conceptualization of its content. The author has to write on something worth reading to catch the readers’ attention. There are also some resources where one can get the content of the book. One can surf on the Internet to look for public domain sources. A public domain source is defined as a source that is not owned by a particular person or a company.

This is available for everyone to use. This happens when the copyright of a material has already expired. Another source of pre-written materials can be “private label content”. The contents coming from this source can be used by re-writing them. After completing the text, the next thing to do is encrypting it. There are two ways to encrypt the text.

After having the content of the e-book ready, the next step is to create the pages. Creating pages for an e-book can be done through the use of Office applications like Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and Powerpoint. All of these applications can be used to make a PDF (Portable Document File) e-book with the help of Adobe Acrobat Full Version installed on the computer. It is beneficial to create an e-book in PDF format because the file sizes are smaller as compared to other formats.

In addition, Mac and Windows users can read the e-book. Furthermore, more people will be enticed to download it because it does not have the .exe extension. Having an .exe extension can mean that a file is infested by a virus. People are also familiar with the PDF file.

Another way of creating an e-book other than using the PDF format, is by making HTML pages. This means creating pages on the Internet. A major advantage of this is that it can be read by anyone who has a web browser. One useful tip in making a web page for an e-book is to make it simple– just go straight to the facts and information that need to be written on the e-book.

This is necessary to avoid distractions to the readers. It is advisable to use images only if they compliment what the texts say. After creating HTML pages, a software is needed to compile them all. There are many HTML compilers available that can be used in doing this task. The type of compiler now depends on how the author wants the e-book to look like.

In a fast-paced society, everyone needs to cope with how it revolves and creating something like an e-book is very helpful to still be connected with the world of the books.

Using This 7 Step Formula For Writing An eBook

As you progress in the world of online marketing you will eventually want to create your own product. An eBook could become a good way to make money. This has proven to be successful for many people with the digital information business model. Writing an eBook can seem to be a difficult task, but you will find it is not as hard as you think.

Yes, there can be a lot more that is involved, but try these seven steps that can get you started:

1. Do your research and pick your niche.
when you are looking for a niche to write about a lot of people start out by writing about their passions or knowledge. Others will pick a competitive market because they know there is money to be made there. Go ahead and try out a few of your ideas making sure they are not to broad or to narrow. To broad can mean too much competition from the big boys and too narrow means there might not be enough to the topic to continuously create content around. Also with it being so narrow there may not be enough people who are interested in the topic.

2. Find your keywords.
You will want keyword phrases that even though they may be very popular do not have a lot of competition. We all know that is not truly possible but you should try to get as close to it as you can.

3. Make sure those keywords are money-makers.
You should check to see if there are any Adsense ads on the right side of the page when you are searching Google for your keywords. If you can find some ads, that is good. That can show that there is money to be made or that people who are paying for those ads would not waste their time.

4. Find the questions people in your niche are asking.
You could try looking at Yahoo Answers and see what people are asking bout easy enough. You will also want to go to a few forums in your niche and see what problems people are having. Look for 5-7 questions or problems to work with.

5. Research the answers to the questions.
Those questions and answers you pick up can turn into chapters for your eBook. It should be easy to do an online search for the answers or even look through the top article directories. Then you can write that ebook one chapter at a time, in your own words. But, no need to stress out over it, if you do not feel that you have the writing ability you could always outsource it. Then you would not have to hire an expensive ghostwriter to write your book, you could outsource each chapter as if it was an article. You will pay a lot less for 5-7 articles and you may even be able to get a discount if you hand them your research links too.

6. Put the book together.
You want to make sure the book flows from chapter to chapter. Be sure to add a disclaimer and privacy info as well as a table of contents. You will also want to include any affiliate links in the body of the eBook and/or in a resources page at the end. You can add to the perceived value by adding stock photos, screen shots, borders and tips or quotes in boxes.

7. Turn the ebook into a PDF.
If you need to you could use Open Office or maybe your computer already has a PDF coverter. Once you have it turned into a PDF you can then upload it to your site, create a sales page and get to work driving traffic to your new masterpiece!

As you can see it is not as hard as you thought. With a little effort on your part you will be able put together a really nice product and put your name on it because it is from you. And with each one you do after that it will just get easier. Pretty soon you will have products all over the web which will be great for starting your list.