Helpful Facts About Domain Registration Hosting

Domain registration and web hosting are actually dissimilar but very much  related processes in setting up a website. However, with the cut-throat competition from different companies that provides these services, a lot of registrars offer a domain registration hosting package that bundles these two separate processes into one convenient package. These kind of packages are ideal for people who are just starting out on building their own websites since they contain the basic website essentials. However, not all domain registration hosting services are the same and some offer more functional features at a better price so here are some tips when looking for one.

First of all, a domain registration hosting service must provide you a wide selection of top-level domains and not just the usual .org, .com, or .net extensions. While they may appear to be unimportant at first, they are actually critical as the domain name that you will choose should exhibit to your potential visitors what the site is about. Furthermore, getting a country code top-level domain can be very profitable  for websites that contain local content because you may want to create relevant traffic in order to maximize your site’s bandwidth.

It is important to make certain of the credibility of the company that offers the domain registration hosting service. The simplest way to do this is by going to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) website and checking if the company is in the accredited registrars list. This is an important consideration as you should only entrust your site’s domain registration hosting to companies that are well-known and not fly-by-night operators.

It is also important  to consider the type of web hosting plan  you will subscribe to when looking for a domain registration hosting. There’s an option to choose between a shared web hosting plan or a dedicated server web hosting plan. Naturally, a dedicated web hosting plan provides more advantages when it comes to website loading speed because you do not have to share bandwidth with other users. However, they can be more complicated to set-up and maintain than a shared web hosting plan and therefore they may not be suited  for inexperienced users who are just starting out on building websites.

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