Are You Listening To Your Customers

As your customers are searching the internet for information that will help them find a solution for their problem, they may come across your sales page. But, if they find your website and it is full of flashing, animated graphics and distractions like linked ads, chances are you will lose those visitors before they even have a chance to read your sales copy.

If you are like the majority of us and have a collection of just about every new ebook that makes promises to teach you how to make a 6-figure income in 30 days, or even how you can get on the first page of Google in three days, then you will have a good concept of how your customers are thinking when they land on a webpage selling information they want.

They are going to be interested in knowing if your product or service is going to help them and wondering just how what you are offering will mean anything to them. They will go back and forth in their head, trying to figure out just what they should do. And if you are not able to convince them to at least read your sales copy and the list of benefits you have to offer in 30 seconds or less, you have loss them.

You may not be able to know what exactly what your potential customers might be thinking when they come to your page, but a few of these questions may be the ones you would be well-advised to have answered before they are asked.

It would be safe to say that trust is a big issue with customers. If they were to make a purchase to an offline business, they would be able to return to the business where they purchased the item. They would have the ability to find the owner or manager and register a complaint directly or ask questions. They are aware how important customer service is to the business and they will be able to get their issue resolved or get their money back.

If they should come to your website, they do not know you, where you live or even if you are an honest person. They are not even sure they will actually receive their product after they have made a purchase, if they are unfamiliar with email delivery or downloading. They might even have the idea that they will begin to receive spam that will be clogging their email if they give you their email address.

You can gain trust by guarantees for immediate refunds if they are unhappy with what they are purchasing. You can also help calm their fears with real promises that you won’t be sharing their email address with anyone else. You should make sure you provide a link to a help desk if they should encounter problems and provide a way to directly contact you if they have a problem.

Another concern you should directly address clearly on your website is “Am I going to get what I want if I spend money on this website?” Until you are able to establish yourself as a trustworthy marketer, that will be a question your customers will mill over, but could also hamper your chances of any sales.

There have been many website all over the internet in the past that have over stated the usefulness of their products and services and have delivered far less than a customer was expecting. A lot of the marketers today are far more honest and try to over deliver for your dollars, but their is still that lingering fear of being ripped off in some customer’s minds. Just think about it. You may go back and remember how secure you might have felt that first few times you made a purchase and were sending money off to a strange place you had never heard of and put money in the bank account of a complete stranger.

When you are looking at your webpage copy be sure to double check and make sure you are using the word “I” and not “We” or “Us.” People are more interested in dealing with you and not a faceless group or company.If you have a picture on your website could provide unexpected benefits to your trust factor.

The easy message here is you must anticipate why your visitors won’t purchase your product and then set about making the changes necessary to help calm their fears before they even have any. Think about it as treating them just like you would want your own mother to be treated. Make sure to always keep your promises. And make yourself available.