Corporate America Strikes Again

Here is another one for you showing how corporate America strikes again.

A friend of mine who I consider to be a pretty successful online marketer was informed by a well known corporate group that he had to stop using their name in one of his products.

Now it seems that even though this unnamed group is using a name that has been around for a long time they are taking ownership of it.

I am amazed at how these corporate types can get away with such unfair practices. Okay if you have a patent on the name that might be different. Even though as long as they were not doing anything illegal it may help get your name out their in front of a larger audience.

I think they call it free publicity although with your money you probably don’t need it. But beware of the power of the people because eventually there could come a time when you do need us.

So they may go after you for a cut of the profits if you are somewhat successful, I for one have no problem with that. But when you have a name like Google, Twitter, Facebook or Myspace just to name a few, that must make you pretty special.

And one of my biggest gripes is that even though you may be right in using that corporate name they have enough money to take you in court and keep you there until you run out of money. They do not even fight fair.

Just once I would like to see someone with enough money and willpower to go up against one of these giants and fight not only for themselves but for the little guys that don’t have that clout.

Hell, I bet you could probably get enough people to throw in a dollar or two to support that fight. It could actually give you enough money to outlast the giants.

I would bet you there are a lot of people who were trying to use a domain name that included one of these big guys as well as others. These giants probably did not know you existed until you started making money.

And by the way I am not just picking on you big guys, just using you as an example. This is for all of you that have a problem with your name or symbol being used. As long as it is being used in a complimentary way, what is your beef?

These are just the musings of a wannabe online marketer who probably does not truly understand the process. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. be sure to share them in the comment section.