5 Content Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Writing good content does not have to be hard but it does require a little bit of thinking it through before you post. A lot of Internet marketing newbies often make mistakes when usingĀ  their content. Here are some of theĀ  most common ones explained :

Mistake #1

Posting low quality content just to get something posted . Consistency is important, but not more important than quality. Yes, more content might mean more traffic and new visitors but if your content is crap, will the visitors stick around? Find you credible? Visit again? Buy from you?

Mistake #2

Making material hard to read on your site. Consider your font type, font size, contrast between the words and the background (black words on white background is easiest on the eyes), use of whitespace and graphics, and keeping to short paragraphs. This is a fairly easy fix.

Mistake #3

Providing relevant content to your niche. It seems obvious that an article about model trains is not what your visitors want to see when they come to your site about blogging, but this type of thing happens often. Define your site and stick to the topic or a complimentary subject. The only time the readers should see something about model trains is if you’re working it into an analogy post or as an example of something bloggers can learn from.

Mistake #4

Stuffing keywords and writing for the search engines. While “barking dog instant stop” might be an excellent keyword phrase according to searches, there is a reason why there are not very many exact matches. When this phrase is in your title and 7 more times in the article, it makes for a pretty awful reading experience for your viewers. You are writing for search engines and stuffing keywords which can get you in trouble with Google.

Mistake #5

Using an article spinner for posting their content. Spun content is easy to spot; it doesn’t make sense to the reader. This is because spinners take key words and change them to what they feel is a “similar” word. Thus, “His mom baked him a pie in her new dutch oven”, becomes “His mummy parched a pastry in her innovative Netherlands kiln”.

Remember, writing good content is not necessarily hard to do. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and write what you would want to read yourself. Ultimately, your site needs to serve your readers first in order to ultimately serve you.