Boy, It Has Been A While…

Hello friends and readers. Boy, it has been a while since my last post. This has been an incredible last 10 days. No, not all good but then again not life threatening.

In my last post I was telling you about the incredible new Twitter tool I had started using. I was getting some fantastic results which I will be sharing soon.

But then, all hell broke loose. I started to have some problems with my computer. Gee, who hasn’t had that! But, I could not connect to the internet and when I did it would disconnect when I went to another page.

It was the most frustrating thing I have gone through. And I was not having any luck when talking to my computer maker. Don’t want to mention any names, DELL, but it was not an easy time. Everyone wanted to pass the buck. They did say I might have a virus.

My ISP could not find anything except to want to sell me another modem even though I got the original one from them. Again this nameless company, VERIZON, could not provide me with any help except to say it was not their fault.

And then my system crashed. And for anyone who has ever had that happen to them I have one reminder for you. BACKUP your files. I was a bit fortunate as I do backup my files. I did not quite save all of them but enough to keep me up and going.

So, after re-installing my operating system and drivers I am somewhat back at it again. Let my experience be a lesson to you. I know we hear it all the time, backup your files, keep your virus program up to date or get one and even get an external hard drive.

Well, I have done all of those and I will be more vigilant in protecting my files. After all and especially if you are running an internet business, your computer is your lifeline. Without it you have no business.

Again I have some good stuff to share with you about Twitter and some great stuff that has come out. Be on the look out for it because if you are using Twitter for your business this you will like.

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