Last Chance for Christmas PLR Package By Teri And Doug Champigny

Well, here it is. Have you gotten your Christmas PLR Package brought to you by Teri and Doug Champigny? They bring out a package once a year right around this time for just a short period for Christmas.

This PLR package has been available from November 11th until November 22. And it is sadly coming to an end. So if you were on the fence or even if you had forgotten about it you have until Sunday. I can just about guarantee that Teri and Doug will not extend that deadline.

The Christmas PLR Package contains 4 Christmas E-Books with unrestricted Private Label Rights. And with Christmas only 35 days away, what better time to get your Christmas PLR Package and set it up to make yourself a little extra spending money.

This package comes complete with:

  • PDF and Word Doc. Source code file
  • A Sales Page ready for you to add your name and your payment link.
  • All Psd’s and blank .jpg images
  • And a Thank You page, you can use it for your oto’s

If you know Teri and Doug, this is a first class package even with the graphics. These also include a footer, eBook in two sizes and a payment button. A complete set. You set it up and promote it.

Remember, the Christmas PLR package will only be available until November 22nd. Then it will be gone. This is your chance to pick up 4 Christmas E-Books with Unrestricted PLR. Get it right now.

And by the way, I am an affiliate for this product. So if you should purchase this product, I will earn a commission. But, don’t let that stop you from picking up this product. It is that good.

Christmas PLR Package 4-Pack Available

As you sit around this weekend and think about the wonderful days ahead, you might remember that there are only 41 days left before Christmas. Wow, is it really that close?

As I told you about the other day, Sleigh Bells Jingling…, Doug and Teri Champigny have released their Christmas PLR Package. This contains 4 Christmas E-books with unrestricted Private Label Rights. What could be better for a great Christmas package?

Hard economic times will have more people searching the internet for Christmas gifts and this could be just what they are looking for.

Each package contains some unique ideas and themes you could make into some really nice Christmas gifts that all would not mind receiving. After all you are giving from the heart.

The Christmas PLR Package comes complete with all you would need to set up and get online. Most of the work has been done for you. Even the graphics are first class. You could have that site set up today.

The only thing is this package is only available until November 20th, so you had better get moving in securing yours because once that date comes this package will be put away until next year.

Christmas is almost here and the Christmas PLR Package is almost gone. Hurry over and pick yours up now. Could help you pick up some extra bucks for the holiday.

Sleigh Bells Jingling With Those Christmas PLR Profits

Yes, it is getting to be that time of year again. And as you struggle with trying to come up with that extra cash for spending money, With a hearty HO HO Ho, Doug and Teri Champigny have released their Christmas PLR Package. Containing 4 Christmas E-Books with unrestricted Private Label Rights, it is a great Christmas package!

There are more people online, looking for Christmas themed gifts and books to buy. And you will have the right Christmas niche products. In fact there are four of them!

These are very appealing Christmas products, with great graphics. You can add your own personal finishing touches and you can even put your name on them as the author.

Here is what you will receive:

Product Package 1:  Christmas Crafts- Don’t decorate your home with pre-made store =-bought decorations this Christmas. Be unique!

Product Package 2:  250 Christmas Recipes- 250 Wonderful Christmas recipes help to make Christmas dinner a perfect celebration!

Product Package 3:  An Old Fashioned Christmas- Christmas greeting, stories, wishes, adventures… & Christmas Cookies!

Product Package 4:  History Of An American Christmas- Discover where America’s most cherished Christmas Traditions originated from…

As with most of Doug and Teri’s packages they all contain:

  • PDF and Word Doc. Source file
  • A sales page ready for you to add your name and your payment link
  • All Psd’s and blank .jpg images
  • A thank you page, use it for your oto too!

And the graphics in each package is first class!

They only have the on sale for the next 12 days, until November 20th, so I would hurry over and pick up your Christmas PLR Package now.

Remember Christmas is just around the corner and will be here before you know it. And the price for the Christmas PLR Package makes it hard to beat.