Chinese Herbal Medicine Bundle PLR May Be Gone

The other day I told you about the Chinese Herbal Medicine PLR Bundle that was being offered by Doug Champigny. I tried to convince you that this would be something that would be worth adding to your arsenal of prime PLR products.

Well it seems a few of you have listened and have picked up your copy of the product. Now I want to remind the rest of you that there will only be 100 PLR licenses sold for the product. Why is that important you might ask. After all most of the Internet Marketers try to use that as a scare tactic to sell their products.

You would be dead wrong to think like that with a PLR product from Doug. He does not have to use scare tactics to sell his products. You might have remembered his last PLR Bundle called Aromatherapy, which by the way is now gone.

The good thing about only 100 licenses of Chinese Herbal Medicine PLR Bundle being sold is that you will not be competing against all the other Internet Marketers when you set this up. This ensures the integrity of the product.

So you better head over and see if there are any copies of this PLR product remaining. If there are breathe a sigh of relief and click right HERE and grab your copy before it is gone. If you missed out, better luck next time. All I can say is I warned you. Good Luck.

New Chinese Herbal Medicine Bundle Now Released

Well, he is at it again. Doug Champigny has released another hot in demand PLR Spectacular niche product. The new niche bundle is called Chinese Herbal Medicine.

It is in a popular niche so if you know anything about the quality of the PLR that Doug has released this will not be there for long. And to ensure the quality of the product only 100 lucky buyers will have access to this bundle.

The Chinese Herbal Medicine Bundle comes with:

- A 40 page eBook with .Doc and .PDF formats included

- 10 Chinese Herbal Medicine Articles

- PLR MP3 Audio Versions Of ALL 10 Chinese Herbal Medicine Articles

- TWO Sets of Website Graphics!

- Blank JPG Versions AND The PSD Graphics for ALL

As you can see there is some really good stuff included in this package. And is a partial list of the Table of Contents:

Page 2……. Introduction

Page 3……. History of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Page 8……. Causes of Disease

Page 10….. The 8 Conditions Concept

Page 14….. Chi or Qi – An Explanation

Page 15….. Yin and Yang – An Explanation

Page 17….. Herbs Can Heal

Remember there will only be 100 lucky buyers of the Chinese Herbal Medicine bundle. If you have bought any of Doug’s bundles in the past there are two things you can be assured of, It will sell out fast and Doug will cut it off after 100 are sold. And it does come with your PLR license.

Over one quarter have been sold in the first ten hours so I do not expect them to last long. If you are at all interested you need to click over and pick up Chinese Herbal Medicine Bundle right now. I know I will.