No Rest Even On Break For The Challenge 2010

So there, how are you? The first week of the Challenge 2010, formerly the 30 Day Challenge is upon us. Now if you are not aware of what I am talking about, I wrote a post earlier explaining what it was all about. You can read about it here:

The Challenge Has Officially Begun

In a nutshell, Ed Dale, Dan Raines and their crew have put together a program to show people how they can have an internet business. It is set up for you to make your first dollar, yes $1, online. You may laugh at just making a dollar. But you can ask some people with an online business and they will tell you that that first dollar was the hardest thing for them to do. Yours truly included.

But, once you learn how to make that first dollar you will be amazed to see how easy it can be. And if you can make a dollar just ramp it up ten times, a hundred times and … The only one that can limit you is yourself. Now there is some work involved, it is all not just pie and candy, but the work gets easier the more times you do it and it could actually be fun.

Anyway, Ed ha some awful good words of wisdom about what you should be doing during the week break that you now have. It use to be that this was all done in 30 days and you had work to do every day. But now you have a week on and a week off. But don’t sit on your laurels. Go back and take another look at the first week.

That was all about discovering the niche you might want to go into. Finding your keywords and discovering if they were as good as you thought they were. You could maybe tweak them a bit or even look for some other niche ideas.

You can read about it here and if you haven’t yet, there is still time to get involved with the Challenge 2010. If internet marketing is something you want to get into or something you think you might be interested in, then this is for you:

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