Developing A Business Mindset

A great many online marketers are not successful because they fail to know just what their business really is. Some of them write ebooks and short reports so they think they are in the ebook information business. And others that are software creators or marketers both believe they are in the software business. Neither could be further from the truth.

Some people may try to run their business but do not have a clear idea of what exactly that business happens to be. They are unable to write an accurate business plan, write compelling sales copy or build a loyal following. That pretty much means they have no business at all.

Always remember no matter what your product might be, your only business is still MARKETING. You could have an online business or a retail store in a mall. Your business is MARKETING. If you want to be a successful marketer you have to develop a marketing mindset. Most of us are not born with it.

I say most because I will swear that some of the people I know are born marketers. But the rest of us learned how to think like a marketer and to make those business decisions marketers need to make. It can take a lot of time and effort but it can be learned.

To get this process going you must first develop a marketer’s mindset, rather than a ebook sellers mindset, for example. Those of you that have been selling products on eBay or your own website, you have probably been consumed by finding interested niches, driving traffic, testing ads for conversion rates and building a list.

Nothing wrong with that and as important as those tasks are, you will still find they are from the standpoint of a sellers mindset and while you might make some sales with that mindset, your business will not grow to new heights.

Now we want to develop a powerful marketing mindset, so what you have to do is learn to focus on the one question that will govern every step you take online. Take all of your business decisions and look at them through this question: “How will this action provide true benefits and create loyalty among my customers?” If you find it hard to answer that question, maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and re-think your plan of action.

What you will find is with all the planing, designing, researching and testing that goes into a successful marketing campaign, the customer is actually in charge of your business. All of your success depends on a sale of your products or services and that is 100% dependent on your customer and THEIR needs.

As you develop a successful mindset it will become clear what are the motivations that make your customers buy from you. You will come to understand their wants and needs before you start to produce products for them. There are a number of forums and if you are a participant you can check out the different categories and see what are the problems, wants and needs of the members. Then you can focus on providing a solutions for them. That will be a ready made, customer driven market for your specific answers and solutions provided as a short report, longer e-book or services.

Marketing has always been about selling products to a constantly changing market made up of an anonymous customer who made a purchase and disappeared. Then you had to create another giant sale to bring that anonymous customer back to the store or service to make another purchase. Even then the customers were still anonymous.

But now, with today’s marketplace, the worldwide Internet, has demanded a shift from anonymous marketing to building personal, nurturing and longterm relationships with customers and that demands exceptional, over-the-top customer service, to start with.

Your customers need to build a personal, trusting relationship with you or they will not even open your emails and eventually will just unsubscribe. Click…Gone!

There once was a time of an Internet of slick quickly built, simple web pages promoting products to an anonymous audience but it no longer exists. The new marketing principles are based on a social web, with people interacting directly with each other and mega businesses. You must be able to have open discussions and provide honest answers to become the driving force behind any online relationship.

You want to make sure that those relationships are dynamic, vital and dependent on the customer’s behavior, attitudes and interests. Now, that single customer in some small town, way out in the country somewhere, can reach out and grab the attention of a mega company on the other side of the planet and have an effect on their customer service or the products they provide.

Boy, I bet you never looked at it from that perspective? You might want to think about that!