How About The Next Step Blogging PLR Report

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Nicole Dean of EasyPLR while vacationing in sunny Jamaica has just released the Next Step Blogging PLR Report.

Blogging has really become a way for people to express themselves and some have even used it as a springboard to providing a healthy income.

This would be great for someone who now has a blog and is wondering what are the next steps.

Here is what you get in this report:

Writing for your readers
Finding topics
Every post has a point
Happy headlines
Structuring your posts
Speaking of editing: Easy editing techniques
Incorporating audio and video
SEO vs. readability
Standing out in a crowded room
Adding images to posts

So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in you may want to check out, Next Step Blogging PLR Report, and see if it can help out your

And also this is the last day for the My Valentine’s Sale put on by Rosie Cottis of Flamillion PLR.

The sale was running from early morning on Saturday, February 12th til midnight PST on Tuesday, February 15th (that’s 3 am EST Wednesday).

During the sale you will be able to pick 5 of her PLR products for $37 or 10 products for $57.

You get to choose from a total of over 40 products, including exclusive article packs, PLR ebooks and newsletter packs. The prices are better than 50% off.

You Get To Pick From All Of These Items!

Packs of 10 PLR Articles (if not sold out):

Save Your Marriage.
Article Marketing.
Back Pain.
Credit Repair.
SEO (11 articles).
Self Esteem.
Dog Training.
Anti Aging.
Cat Health.
Web Hosting.
Lose W****t Fast.
Baby Equipment.

PLR ebooks:

Seduction Secrets.
Quick And Easy Forex Trading.
Herbs For Health And Happiness.
Eat Well To Lose W****t.
10 Easy Ways To Make $100 A Day.
Wipe Stress And Anxiety Out Of Your Life.
Truly Raw – Raw Food Diet.
How To Boost Your Self Esteem … Fast!

Packs of 52 PLR Newsletter mailings/blog posts/web content:

Anti Aging.
Body Care.
Face Care.
Fitness 1.
Fitness 2.
Online Dating.
W****t Loss 1.
W****t Loss 2.

Well, we are getting down to the final hours so if you want to get some awesome PLR products you better check out the My Valentine’s Sale. Remember the sale ends at midnight PST which is 3am EST.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Blogging Personality

Everyone isn’t cut out for being a top blogger . It can be incredibly rewarding both financially and emotionally, but you really need to put a lot or work into it. It really does take a lot to become a top blogger?

=> Writing Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

Are you having break-up issues? Family crisis? Or maybe you just need a break? The fact of the matter  is, if your readers are  looking forward to a blog post every week and you miss one week for any reason, there is a good chance your reputation could suffer.

As a top blogger you should be committed to writing even when you don’t necessarily want to write.

=> Be Willing to Reveal Yourself and Share Personal Things

Some of the world’s best bloggers are willing to share things most people never be willing to talk about, even with their closest friends.

Steve Pavlina, who runs a six-figure personal development blog, detailed the emotional journey of him breaking up with his wife in intense detail on his blog.

Andrew Warner, who runs a blog where he interviews top entrepreneurs all over the world, shared both how he turned down a $170 million offer for his business and regretted it, as well as how he had just about no sex life when he was actively in business.

These types of topics , the topics people generally would stay away from, may surprisingly be what your readers could actually connect with you most on.

To be a great blogger, you need to be willing to share these things.

=> Can You Take Harsh Criticism?

Of course there is a downside of really revealing yourself,  it can make criticism really hard to take. When you are really sharing yourself and making yourself vulnerable, people’s jabs tend to hurt a lot more.

If you have made yourself a public figure, at some point you will be attacked. It could only be one or two people, or it could even be a whole community of people who could disagree with your opinions.

As a top blogger though, you need to be willing to stick to what you’re really about, even if it’s not the current popular opinion.

=> You Need to Love Your Topic AND Love Marketing

To be a top blogger about given topic, you really have got to have a love for your topic. That has to be a given. But if you really want to be successful, you have to have a desire for marketing your blog.

In fact, during your first six months, for every hour you spend on creating content on your blog, you need to be spending another hour on marketing your blog.

If you want to be a great blogger it is not only about being great at writing your blog, it also involves being great at getting your blog out there.

Once you have read through this list, think about if you still feel like you are willing to do what it takes to be a top blogger? If not, it is not hard to understand why. But if you are willing, you may have a very lucrative and rewarding career ahead of you.

Looking For People To Blog For You

Doing all the blogging on your own can take a lot of time and energy. A guest blogger could be the answer. Having other people blog for you at times can help relieve some of that pressure, while also giving your readers a fresh voice and perspective.

In fact, there are a lot of top blogs that feature more guest post content than content written in-house. This will work only if all the content you outsource is of the best A+ quality.

Where do you go to find other great writers to help write high quality blog posts for you? Here are some good spots.

=> Start with Your Own User Base

One of the best places to look is the comments section of your own blog.

Are there users who are regularly posting intelligent, value-providing comments? Do they sometimes write responses 2-5 paragraphs long?

Many bloggers often find that after a period of time, they have a few “power commenters” who spend a lot of time writing comments, just for the sake of sharing information.

Get to know these power users of your site. They may be experts in and of their own right, or have valuable information they can share with the rest of your users. If you asked them to write a guest post, chances are they won’t even charge, as they’re already a fan of your site!

=> Finding Guest Bloggers

Another great way to have others blog for you is to ask other bloggers if they’d like to guest post. This is quite common in the blogosphere.

How does it work? Basically, another blogger writes a unique, exclusive article for your blog. In exchange, at the bottom of the post they write they can post a link back to their site.

This is a win for you, because you get high quality free content. It’s also a win for them because they get more people exposed to their website and get a backlink for SEO.

There are a few ways to find guest bloggers who may be interested in blogging on your site:

* Your comments. Other bloggers often comment on blogs on related topics.
* Google. Search for your main keyword + blog.
* In person networking. This is a great way to find high quality content writers from people who aren’t even bloggers!

=> Paying for Blog Posts

There are many places you can find potential bloggers to write for a small fee. is perhaps the largest blogger-specific site where you can find people who specialize in creating high quality content for small amounts of money.

ELance and Guru are also places where you can find freelancers to write content. If you’re considering using eLance or Guru, remember that you’re judging the content based on quality, not price. You’ll get a lot of bids from people whose English simply isn’t all that great.

You want to position yourself as someone who pays well for top quality content, not someone looking for the lowest price.

Finding other people to blog for you can be a great way to lessen the pressure of having to always create content. It can also help give your readers a fresh Finding other people to blog for you can be a great way to lessen the pressure of having to always create content. It can also help give your readers a fresh perspective by seeing how several different people see the same issues. Find guest bloggers from your comments, through related blogs and perhaps even by paying for high quality blog posts. As long as the content is good your readers will enjoy it just as much as yours.

And if you are interested in learning how you can become a guest blogger as well on other people’s website, have a look at Nicole Dean’s “How to Blog Tour: Guest Blogging for Free Traffic“. What is it? A step-by-step guide that teaches infoproduct sellers how they can get more sales for their products, recruit willing and excited affiliates, get their competition to promote them, and get directly in front of their target customer – for FREE!

Six Super Methods to Find Fresh Blogging Ideas

Sometimes I get stuck for ideas about what I want to write about, I am sure we have all been there. If you’re having trouble coming up with blogging ideas, here are six great ways to find inspiration.

1. Top of Digg and Reddit

Digg and Reddit are social news sites, where news articles are voted up and down by users rather than editors. In other words, it’s news rated by the people rather than a newspaper agency.

These sites are updated almost every minute, every day. It’s a great way to stay on top of current news, in the world or in specific industries.

Make sure you’re browsing the “News” subsection of these sites, or you’ll be exposed to a lot of strange and funny yet irrelevant things online.

Often times a great blog post comes in the form of writing about a current event. For example, Airbnb was launched when they did a press push linking their business with the Obama / McCain elections.

2. EBay Pulse, Google Trends

EBay Pulse and Google Trends are both great ways to see what people are searching for on the internet.

Google Trends tells you on a daily basis what the trending topics are – what people are searching for more than before, and so on.

EBay Pulse does the same thing, with a strong orientation towards physical products.


YourVersion is a website that allows you to aggregate all the news, blogs articles and new web pages as they’re published, specifically for your industry.

For example, your industry could be fly fishing. If you set YourVersion to check for Fly Fishing articles and checked back once a day, you’d be able to stay on top of everything that’s going on in your industry.

4. Dinner Table Conversations

One great way to find topics is to simply pay attention to what people are talking about and what people care about.

If you’re thinking about your blog all the time, something will often click when you least expect it.

Don’t just do your research online. Remember, you’re writing for real people, not for numbers on a screen. Stay connected with the people you’re writing for by actually talking them and seeing what they care about.

5. Browse Forums for Questions

Another great way to find potential topics is to browse forums related to your topic.

If you have a blog about how to modify your car for example, then browse car mod forums and see what people are asking about.

For example, if a new coating for tail pipes just hit the market and people are wondering about its safety and longevity, that may be a great topic for you to write about.

6. Most Importantly …

Carry a notepad with you wherever you go. Inspiration can strike literally anywhere you go. The cost of losing an idea you didn’t write down could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Write down any idea you have, the instant you find something, write it down. Look for ideas online and offline. Keep a file of potential article ideas. As that list of ideas grows, you’ll eventually have more potential topics than you can ever write about. Then you will plenty of fresh blogging ideas.

Blogging Done The Right Way

My friend, Mike Paetzold, is your working man’s blogger. It almost seems like there is not a day that he is not blogging about something. Now granted he does have a few blogs to keep him busy and even though he is always posting, the quality of the content on each of his blogs does not suffer.

Of the ones I actually read I try to leave a comment, a worthwhile comment, about each one of his post. And so I was about to do so again this morning. I had jokingly thought about leaving a comment on him not taking a break and how he always seems to be posting. And then it hit. Not as hard as a 2×4 but you get the point.

In order to make money in this online business, in marketing or any business, you have to discover something that works for you and continue to do it. Once you have it right and everything is working smoothly, then move on and duplicate it again and again.

Now I would have to say that Mike, shhh… now, just between you and me, has discovered that secret. And not being sneaky about it either, kind of just going about his business. Ah, a successful internet marketer.

So, now instead of making a joke about it, maybe I should study and try and duplicate exactly what he is doing. Maybe I could actually pick up some tips that I could use in my business. See it pays to pay attention to those who are doing what you want to do and are doing it right.

Now I am not saying I can duplicate what he is doing exactly, but if I follow along and maybe ask him some questions, even pay closer attention about what he is saying on his blogs, I just might have a chance.

In one of Mike’s prior blog post, he was asked how often you should post to your blog. Mike did not have a definitive answer for that question. Only you can decide how much or how little you want to connect with your readers he said. Quality content is the key if you want them to come back for more.

Now maybe Mike’s business does not fit what you are trying to do. But I think you get the point, that if you want to do something and do it right, take a look at the people, a Guru even, who are doing what you want to do. Who are those successful people you could emulate?

If you get to a point where you are stuck you might be able to send them an email and ask for their help or a couple of tips that could keep you on track. They might even feel like you really are trying to become successful and it might take them back to when they started. It could turn out to be better than you had hoped.

But, let me caution you on one thing. Don’t approach these people, whoever they are, expecting a hand out. Your first words should not be, “can you help me get started doing what you are doing?” They will look at you in a better light if they feel you are at least giving the effort. You have to show some initiative. Then they just might give you that one tip that could take your business to the next level Or better yet, maybe they will even show you how it is done.

And look up Mike Paetzold and see some of his work blogging and you might discover some of his secrets. But remember, don’t let him know about it or let it get out. It can be our little secret.

Blogging For Seniors Released From Mike Paetzold

The economic downturn has affected us all. Times are really tough right now and with the number of people being let go from their jobs it seems that no one is safe anymore. Companies just don’t seem to care about individuals, only their bottom line.

This can be especially hard for some of us who are just getting by and have no other means of support. Where do we turn and how can we expect to make it until things turn around?

This can affect us all, young and old, but for senior citizens this can be life changing. Most seniors are on fixed incomes and with price hikes and others services being reduced this can be devastating. But this is about to change.

Mike Paetzold, an internet savvy blogging expert has just released a new eBook entitled “Blogging for Seniors“. In it Mike will walk you through the steps for getting up and running with blogging on the internet.

Let Mike show you how you can become a blogger and just what blogging can do for you. With chapters like:








As you can see these are but a few of the things you will learn from this eBook.

You could find that blogging could keep you up with current event, you could meet people or even share some life experiences with others. The world of blogging is open to you.

With this eBook Mike will get you to where you could even become a blogging expert in your particular field. And you could find that blogging is not just for the younger generation. Blogging For Seniors could be the one book that could change your outlook on the internet. Make sure you get your copy HERE.

Overcoming The Blank Computer Screen While Trying To Write a Blog Post

Blog Finale
Image by dailyinvention via Flickr

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank computer screen when it is time to write a blog post? Come on now, I am sure there has been at least a few occasions when nothing comes to mind to write about.

It is a common problem especially in the beginning when you are just starting a blog. Unless of course, you are just so efficient that you have your entire blogging series set up for the next six months.

Sometimes when we get the idea to put up a blog there is no thought about what we want to write about or what the theme of the blog will be. We just know that blogs are in right now and it is a good idea to get one started.

Think about just what you want your blog to be about. Then think of some things that might fit in with that topic. I am sure that will generate some good subjects for you to come up with.

Make it interesting for your readers so they will want to come back and see what else you have to share with them. They may find something of interest that might even have them talking about your blog. Maybe they will share it with others who may stop by to see what you are writing about.

Try setting up a question or poll to ask what your readers are interested in. What would they like to see being written. That may get your creative juices following which in turn could give you more than one post or subject idea to blog about.

These are things that spark interest and provide you with more traffic. But to keep that traffic coming you will have to keep the content really good. Which in turn means you will have to sit and think about more things to write about.

You could check out the local scene in your area. Check out different websites to see what the latest things are. All of the social sites always have good subjects going. See this thing is not so hard when you get right down to it.

I have some good mentors who constantly preach about being consistent with your blog postings. Set up a schedule on how often you will be posting. As much as I try I also have the blank screen stare. But I understand what they are trying to say. Doug and Mike I hear you.

That way people who might want to read your blog will know when they can look for your next posting. Make them want to come back and become regular readers of your blog.

I want to make it my goal to post on a regular schedule. I can find it really hard and I can find tons of excuses but I understand that getting on a regular schedule will help me establish myself.

So I will be trying to avoid sitting in front of that blank screen hoping that I can find different ideas to write about. Hey let me know how you avoid this tendency or better yet leave me some ideas to write about.

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