What Is Happening This Weekend

As I am sitting in front of my computer for the umpteenth time and trying to decide what to write about, I wondered if there are others like me. C’mon you know what I mean. You want to write a blog post or an article for you website or to send to an article directory. But, there is a problem, you have no idea what you want to talk about.

I think sometimes we feel obligated to want to sit in front of that computer screen and put down something. You have a blog that needs content, you want to get more visitors to your site, you have a product to sell and the list goes on…

I was reading a post from a marketer just the other day. Nicole Dean who runs among other things posed a question on her blog,, “What Should I Blog About Next?”. She has a little “Expert Brief” column where her panel of experts weighed in on this problem. They all had some really good ideas that I think you might find interesting.

They each had some good ideas that they use including current events, questions from their readers, things they might pick up from their readings and a really big one, planning on what they will write about. I think it will be well worth you checking out, Nicole On The Net. You can even share some of your ideas.

I also wanted to let you know about a couple of really nice sales going on right now.

Melissa Ingold of Special Report Club has an awesome deal that she is opening up for anyone wanting to pick up some great PLR deals. For a buck, you can pick up a full PLR package on the topic of Mobile Websites. But it gets even better. You will be redirected to a one-time offer where they can pick up a second package on Mobile Content Marketing for a steal, or continue on with the one dollar PLR package. Go over and check out the dollar PLR page right now (no opt-in required).

==> The Dollar PLR

She also has a couple of other  high quality PLR content packages:

How to Plan & Profit from Facebook Advertising


- PLR Report (2066 words)
- Squeeze Page
- Facebook advertising planning sheet
- Ecovers (includes PSD version)


How to Create & Profit From Your Facebook Fan Page


- Step-by-Step Workbook: 9 pages, 2136 words
- Checklist: 3 pages, 624 words

And Rosie Cottis of Flamillion PLR has “My Valentine’s Sale” . The sale will run from early morning on Saturday, February 12th to midnight PST on Tuesday, February 15th (that’s 3 am EST Wednesday). During the sale you will be able to pick 5 of her PLR products for $37 or 10 products for $57.

You get to choose from a total of over 40 products, including exclusive article packs, PLR ebooks and newsletter packs. The prices are better than 50% off.

Check out My Valentine’s Sale.

Wow, I actually had a lot to write about. That should give you enough to keep you busy for the weekend.

Secrets Of Writing A Series Of Blog Posts

Ever wonder how people find your blog posts? Many will find them through search engines. They might google their keywords and may end up on your blog, reading an article or two. Now if you have got great longtail keywords it might bring you lots of targeted traffic.

Now while organic traffic is great and you want to get as much of it as possible, why don’t we try something that will keep people coming back instead of just hitting your site once and going away. How about writing a blog post series as an idea. You could try about 3 parts to your series, although that might change depending on what you are blogging about.

You might want to think about a serial blog post where you are sharing a case study. And if you do a case study on yourself you might attract a few people interested in what you are talking about and they might want to read on. Then they could sign up for your RSS feed or opt-in so they get notified when you have updated your blog. I bet they might even want to leave comments on your blog. There you have more content.

How about these for some ideas for case studies:

  • Your new exercise regimen.
  • Your weight loss, including goals.
  • Your experience trying a new product.
  • Your test of trying a new marketing method and your track results.
  • Something challenging like – getting rid of the TV or your car or your cell phone for a week. Of course, it should be related to what your blog is about.
  • Your outsourcing experiment.
  • Stating your action plan for producing and promoting a product in 15 days, and your monetary goal.

I bet you know that people love to peek inside other people’s lives and they’ll come back to hear your positive results. We all love success stories, don’t we? And we hope some of that success will rub off on us.

Other ideas for serial blog posts:

Your all time top secrets to ______ (making good money at home, losing weight fast, etc.) Start with the last one and work your way forward to the best. Give one in each post and readers will look forward to the next.
A series of posts on what people must know before they _____ (start blogging, get married, get divorced, etc.)


You want to make sure each serial post can stand alone. Not everyone will come to your blog at the right place. They might be coming from a search engine and might land right in the middle of the series. So start each post with a blurb about what you are doing and add a link to the one before and the one after so people can read them in order if they want.

The idea is to keep these posts on the short side so they leave people wanting more. Also, keep them personal or at least in the first person. Inject your personality into the posts so they come alive.

A series of blog posts is a great way to capture readers so they’ll want to come back and read more. Turn your one-time traffic into repeat traffic by putting yourself out there with case studies and expert advice in serial style. The next time they come. they might bring their wallet with them.