Even An Internet Marketer Needs A Day Off

New Breed Marketer with some Thanksgiving thoughts, even an Internet Marketer needs a day off. As we all gather with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday, let us all give thanks for what we have. Though our country is still at war, with many troops overseas at distant stations and ports around the world, let us look to the future. I wish them well and hope we can get them home soon safe to their families so they can also share this time. There will be rough roads ahead for us all so we need to prepare for the future. We have just elected a new president and a new beginning is about to unfold. This is our opportunity to make this country great again if not in the world eyes at least in our own eyes. We are one country and that should be enough for all of us to want to work together. We may not share the same views but I can respect your views if you can respect mine. Thanksgiving is a time when many of us will gather to start off the next month and a half of family gatherings. After all, Christmas is just around the corner, only 29 days. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe, be it across the country, around the world or around the block. Oh, anyway like I was saying, even an Internet Marketer needs a day off. That way we can celebrate with our family and friends as well. The New Breed Marketer wishes all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Procrastination- The Enemy Of An Internet Marketer

The New Breed Marketer with some rambling Sunday thoughts. Did you know that procrastination is the enemy of an Internet Marketer? Yes, that one word can defeat you if you let it. But, what is procrastination? Most people know procrastination as the act of putting off an action or task until a later time. It is usually associated with some type of stressful situation and can lead to a lack of productivity. You might associate it with that paper you had to write in school but you just kept putting it off until the last minute.

In the field of Internet Marketing low or no productivity is bad. Really bad. There are two ways to look at IM, as a hobby or as a business. If you plan on making this a business you can not afford to not be busy. You have to push yourself to perform. But there are ways to get help.

Get a mentor. This is someone in the field who knows what you may be going through. Someone who is actually doing what you want to do. Maybe they can give you a plan, a blueprint of what actions you need to get done. If needed it could even be a step by step plan to get you started. Better to get with someone who has the experience and is doing it now.

There are also forums that you could check out for help. Maybe you are just stuck on one particular issue like graphics for your site, needing a website built for you, content for your website or even a product to get you going. A couple of forums you can check out might be the Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum. I am sure you can find someone who could provide the services you need. There are many others, just Google forums to find more.

Another great source could be a friend or colleague who might also be into IM. If they can’t help you maybe they might know someone who can. If they are into the business I am sure they may know how you can get back on track. Maybe you might find out that they need some help also and you two can work together. That is a very common practice in this field.

A good way to get some needed products if you don’t have anything are giveaways. Right now you are really lucky. There are a number of giveaways going on. They include the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008 which will be running until November 27th. Also going on at the same time is Santa’s Big Giveaway which will be running until December 31st. A number of Internet Marketers have gotten together and are offering Private Label Rights (PLR) products.

PLR products are a great way for you to pick up some items that you might want to use for yourself. It is also a way to actually see what others are offering and might give you some ideas on how to get started. Usually with PLR you can do just about anything with it. Just read the license agreement to see what you can or can’t do.

Procrastination can be the enemy of an Internet Marketer. But it does not have to be. There are a lot of different outlets that you have that you may not even be aware of. Take the time to check them out. It could get you going in the right direction on fulfilling your dream in the IM world. The journey will not be easy but can be quite rewarding.

So You Want To Be An Internet Marketer

The New Breed Marketer with another thought. I know you have had those thoughts, so you want to be an Internet Marketer. You have heard of all the glamour, the perks, the easy life that goes along with it. I can quit my job tomorrow because I am going to make it on the internet. I will make millions like all the big guys,

Ah, an interesting thought. But, do you know all the hard work and dedication that goes into getting to the top. I know, you have heard the stories about how some guy or gal made an amazing discovery and is now sitting pretty for the rest of their lives. And I am not saying that is not possible but it is not very realistic. I will bet if you asked any number of successful marketers they will tell you they had to work at it. It is definitely possible but just be ready to put in some long hours.

You may even find yourself working some crazy hours to get a project done. While most people may be sleeping you may be up working on those final details for that product you have in mind or that next big launch. Beginning to sound a bit tougher? You bet but not impossible. And I have heard it can be quite rewarding. I tell you what, I want to find out, how about you?

If you are just getting started here is one of the easiest ways to speed up that learning curve. Participate in a giveaway. A giveaway is an opportunity to pick up some Private Lable Rights (PLR) products that are being offered by marketers. These peoducts can come in the form of ebooks, articles and software to name a few. Now there is no charge for these products and most come with unrestricted rights meaning you can do as you please with them. Put your name on it, change it around to sound like something you would put out, sell it or give it away. Just be sure to read the license agreement as it will spell out terms as to what you can and can’t do.

This is a great way for you to get a product together to giveaway and put up a squeeze page which will draw them to your list. A squeeze page will have them give you their name and email address for your gift. There is an old saying heard many times that the money is in the list. I can’t tell you who said it but you hear it a lot. By participating in giveaways you have the possibility of getting many people to join your list. It can be quite exhilarating to watch as masses of people sign up for your list. Just be sure to get that email campaign ready to send out as this is the way to stay in contact with them.

With a list that you can send emails to, you can become the authority that they listen to . When you send out an email they will be ready to hit that open button because they know you are about to tell them something that they need or want to hear.

There is still time for the Thanksgiving Giveaway as it runs from November 17-27. If you do not have a gift to put in go check it out and see if there is something you might want to get. And don’t worry as Santa’s Big Giveaway will be starting November 20 – December 31. So there is another one for you. Just go there and check it out.

Also, unless you just don’t get emails I am sure you have seen the Biggest Firesale that is being put on by Vince tan. He has convinced 100 of the marketing elite to donate a gift all packaged together for sale. Now some of these gifts are still being sold online but they are included in this package all for one price. Be sure to have a look here. The only problem with this is there is so much stuff to download you will not be able to use it all at one time. Still worth having a look. Happy downloading and remeber these words, so you want to be an Internet Marketer.

New Breed Marketer- Weekend Update

Hello, New Breed Marketer with a weekend update. Tis’ the season when we all are thinking about the holidays. And it is made even tougher with the rough economic climate that is upon us. That is why there are some awesome events taking place within the next two weeks. These could make your holiday season even more festive.

Now if you are into giveaways there are two really big ones getting ready to launch. I don’t know if you are aware of giveaways. Usually they are made up of some of the biggest internet marketers who are offering up a Private Label Rights (PLR) product which you can download for your use. Usually they are unrestricted which means you can do just about anything you want with them.

These PLR products normally come in the form of ebooks, articles and software. You might have a website that you want to upload these products to. Or fix up the ebooks, articles and software to sale. You can decide just what you want to do.

The first giveaway coming up is the Thanksgiving Giveaway 2008. It will run from November 17-27 and will overlap with Santa’s Bigtime Giveaway which will run from November 20-December 31. Both of these will have some really good products and I hear they have some big name marketers that will be adding products. Both of these are now signing up contributors and participants. I have provided links to both events so get over there and sign up. There might be something you can use and even get in on the event.

By the way, Doug Champigny has put together a Christmas PLR Package which has four PLR product that you can put together and sale as your own. It could be a way to make a little extra Christmas spending money for a few extra gifts. Now this package is on sale until Sunday and if you do not get it by then you will have to wait until next October until he puts out another one.

I hope you have an opportunity to get in on these giveaways as they provide some good products that I know you will be happy with. Problem is do you have enough room on your hard drive to download everything?

To You Success,
Andre Arnett

P.S. If you do get a hold of some of those products in the giveaway and are wondering just what you can do with it Doug has a set of PLR videos that will show you just what you need to do. Again a link is provided.

P.S.S. Also look alive for Tuesday as Vince Tan has put together the Biggest Firesale. Last year when he launched this sale he made $69,000 dollars. And this one will have over 100 big name marketers displaying their wares. And some of these products are still being sold online right now. Better check it out. If for no other reason go over and sign up for the contest and get your free gift.

Take a Peek at Biggest Firesale Package!

The word is getting out about the Biggest Firesale package to come out and it looks to be a fantastic deal.
There looks to be some incredible stuff that will be released by some big name marketers. Take a look at it here:

==> Biggest Firesale

It looks like the Biggest Firesale package is some TOP products that are currently being sold online everyday. These are some of the top products from over 100 of the elite in Internet Marketing. The event is going live on November 18th and will have some extremely valuable bonuses.

Vince Tan ran his first Biggest Firesale in 2007 and made 69,000 in 7 days. This one is expected be even better. This time Vince has convinced his participants to put in their original paid products that are still selling.

You can grab a sneak peak at what will be awaiting you on the 18th. Better hurry because I do not know how long this link will last. You can bet that they will get enough visitors on launch day to bring down the servers.

==> Biggest Firesale

So  remember to get ready for November 18th. There will be a ton of traffic at the site and you do not want to miss out. And the bonuses should be some of the best yet.

Be sure to get over there to check out the link and enter the contest!