What Can Backlinking Do For Me

Have you heard about backlinking?
An easy explanation is a backlink is a link (your link) which can be found on someone else’s site that, when you click it, will lead someone to your site. It is also called a inlink or inbound link.

How can I get some backlinking for me?

You could consider backlinks as an important piece of Search Engine Optimization because of those search engines being considered the Almighty Power that can control where your website will appear on their page ranking. It has something to do with the search engine’s (thik Google) algorithms for ranking your page. They will have a glance at the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks. And as everyone knows, the higher you are in Google’s placement, The more traffic you will get to your site. Take yourself for instance, when you are searching for something, how many times do you go past the first page or two? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You could actually have some really fantastic high-quality content on your site. Then you could have others to put a link to your content from their sites, and from there it just grows. You see, those backlinks are organic, or natural, because they went searching for you, not you looking for them.

Some other backlinks could actually be your doing. You could have actually asked other related sites to add your link to their site in a resources/link page or maybe you left a comment on their blog with your link. There are a few ways to get some backlinks.

The final prize for this is you want high quality backlinks.And as you are actively seeking backlinks, you could try hitting the higher page ranked sites because they carry more weight with those search engines. Just think of the whole thing like a popularity contest where you want to end up being one of Google’s BFFs.

If you want to check the page rank of some of the other websites very easily, you might want to make sure you have the Google toolbar as it is one of the features on the toolbar. Another way to check backlinks through Google is by putting link:thewebsite in the search function.

Here are some ways to go about getting backlinks:

1. Probably one of the easiest is to ask other related site owners to add your link to their website. And they usually will if you reciprocate. This is also considered one of the most overused and most people see this more as spam becuase of some of their past experiences With link requests from site that are not related to their subject at all. Take for instance the florist site asking to do a reciprocal link your cooking site.

2. You might also want to try to get some backlinks from submitting articles to article directories. If your articles are published on a site such as EzineArticles, a site with a page rank of 6, it can also generate some additional traffic to your site. And it could ba an added bonus if someone picks up that article from the article directory and then puts it on their site with your link in the resource box.

3. Better get to commenting on some blogs, especially those with the “Do Follow tag. Doing some blog commenting, especially heavily trafficked blogs, will get that link out there for backlinking and will also allow you to network, build relationships and build your brand. You might be able to ask to be a guest blogger on a high ranking blog for the backlink and the valuable exposure.

4. Try a backlinking service. There are a handful of monthly memberships on the Warrior Forum where you can get a list each month of high ranking websites that will allow you to post to your link. You might also check out the Google search function as well.

5. Be sure to participate in forums. You can put your active link in your bio and make relevant posts and leave valuable comments and answers to people’s questions. It would be even better if you found forums in your niche to participate in.

Now there are great many other ways to build backlinks, but know these methods of building your credibility with Google and climbing up the search engine ladder will take some time. You might want to consider outsourcing the project on an ongoing basis. This will free up your time to work on other things, like product creation, marketing and selling.