Building A Profitable Website Autoresponder Series Released

Building A Profitable Webite, a new autoresponder series is now available.

Have you ever had trouble coming up with those autoresponder messages you would like to send out to your list? What do you write about? It can take some time annd involve proper planning.

Well, over at All Private Label Content, they have have that all covered for you. How about 30 autoresponder messages that even come with built in product promotion.

The newest of the bunch has just been released. it is all about building a profitable website. Would be a great follow up series after you have added new members to your list.

==> Building A Profitable Website

And to make it even more enticing to you, the first 50 purchases get 50%. You just need to enter the coupon code.

The autoresponder bundles are always very popular, so pick yours up while it’s available.

So, be sure to check out Building A Profitable Website Autoresponder and pick up your autoresponder bundle using coupon code: profitwebsite

And while you are there be sure to have a look around and check out the other autoresponder series, reports and article bundles. You should be able to find something there that could help.

Using Aweber For Your First List

In my last post I told you about the use of an autoresponder for sending opt-in emails to your subscribers. This video will show you how to use an autoresponder and get you started.  You will also see how to set up your first list. You will also see that you can make a squeeze page form on the site.
I recommend Aweber because that is what I use but there are quite a few out there. You just need to find the one that works best for you.

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Autoresponders Broadcasts And Follow Ups Messages

Just about anyone can be setting up an autoresponder account. There are even step-by-step tutorials as well as videos that can guide you through the process. It will make you feel awful good when you get it all set up and have created your first sign up form. Then you have to try and decide if you should send out a follow up message or a broadcast email. What is the difference between the two and when should you use one over the other?

Usually as you are setting up each of your list you create (and there will be a lot!) you will probably want to start with setting up a sequence of follow up emails. Later on you will be sending out broadcasts.

How about Follow ups
As you build your list through say a free opt-in giveaway, you will then begin sending out follow up messages to try to establish a relationship with your list. They have to get to know you and trust you. You should give them a little personal information and a lot of valuable niche information.

You can also use follow up messages to send out an ecourse and you will be able to deliver membership goodies. They are also used to promote products when timeliness regarding the product is not an issue. You could maybe give a short report to your list that is related to the product. Then how about setting up a sequence of seven follow up emails that can address problems or questions that can point to the bigger product you are promoting.

Now about Broadcasts
When you feel there is something that is ready right now or will be shortly or need to get out a quick message, send it as a broadcast. Most marketers use broadcasts to promote the latest and greatest products, especially if they’re part of a big JV launch.

Broadcast can also be used for email swaps where you and another marketer give away each other’s free product in order to build your respective lists.

As you load up your autoresponders for follow up emails, make sure they are timeless, evergreen I think is the new term. See, now if you are sending a broadcast email today and you are talking about the lovely summer weather because it’s summer, that’s fine.  But you can not talk about the current weather, current politics or a current celebrity scandal in your preloaded follow up emails because your future subscribers may not join your list right away and they’ll be able to tell your email was written a while ago.

Also you might think about the time issue in your emails when you promote products. Try not to talk about a “newly released” or “brand new” product in your follow up emails because some people will be signing up for your list a whole year from now. Will that same product be new by the time they get to that preloaded email? No. They might buy it and feel cheated or lose trust in you when they figure out it’s been around for a while.

There are a few autoresponder companies out there. The important thing you must remember about all of the companies is how is there reliability in delivering your emails. That reliability and deliverability are very important for your business. If your customers can’t hear from you they will find others who will stay in touch with them.

Cost should not be a factor when you choose your autoresponder. A cheap autoresponder does not guarantee that your messages will get out. Two of the better companies out there right now are Aweber and Get Response. I use Aweber myself and I can say I have had no problems with them.

So just remember, both types of emails have their function and if you think about how you are using each, you can use both types very effectively to your advantage.

Reasons Why An Internet Marketer Should Use An Autoresponder

I am sure everyone has seen an autoresponder in use even though you may not have known that was what it was called. An autoresponder is an email program that will automatically reply to an email it is sent to. One of the ways it is used is to respond to your email with an ” Out of the office until some date and will answer your email when I return”. But an Internet Marketer uses it in an entirely different way and we will have a look at that.

You might consider your autoresponder like your personal secretary. The responder will reply to your customer with a thank you page and/or a download page once they have purchased your product with instructions on what to do next.

No need to sit by your computer and wait for your customer to make a purchase so you can then send them out their product. That can be done by your personal secretary/autoresponder. This will allow you to do something else while this is happening. You could even be on the computer or doing other things, even watching your favorite show or sporting event.

You even have the ability to set up a series of emails to go out at a given time period that you set up. You could offer a 12 part ecourse that your customer has just purchased and have it go out as you instruct the autoresponder to do. That could be every day or every other day or as you set up. If you have say an ebook and your customer buys it or you give it away for free, you can then send it to them and set up to send follow up emails and additional information as you see fit. Go ahead send out one today, one tomorrow and even one next week. You have control to set that up.

What if you had a list and you wanted to send out emails or information on a given schedule. If you do not have an autoresponder then you or your personal secretary would have to do it manually. Just think if you had a list of thousands, that would take a long time. Your email provider might want to take a closer look at you if you did, worried that you might be spamming your list.

You would be following the Can-Spam Act guidelines with an autoresponder by having double opt-ins. A double opt-in form gives people who want to be on your list a chance to opt-in, then confirm that they did want to opt-in. All is done for you with an autoresponder.

An autoresponder could provide you with assistance if you have a help desk. If someone should send you a support ticket the responder would send them out a confirmation message that their ticket has been received. You could let them know when to expect an answer.

Also use your autoresponder to keep your emails personal to each responder. Using {!firstname} at the top of your email will ensure the email goes out to each person with their first name to add a little personalization.

The autoresponder can respond when someone unsubscribes from your list. It will send out a confirmation that they have unsubscibed and informs you as well. You could also ask them for some information as to why they unsubscribed and how you can make your site better.

One thing you should take away from here, the word “automatically”. This is probably one of the most important words to an internet marketer. You as a marketer have more than enough things to worry about with your business. An autoresponder will help your business like a well oiled wheel. And you will look so much more like a professional with your customers. And it could save you time, time you might need when you are trying to come up with that next big project or idea.