A Better Website With Authority Site 2.0 Blueprint

The world of Internet Marketing has grown up quite a bit and now is a time when you must have a well placed and well run website. You need something that stands out from all of the other blogs that seem to pop up daily. You need an Authority Site.

Now there is a way for you to gain just such a site. Mike Paetzold has come out with the Authority Site 2.0 Blueprint. Mike will show you how you can gain a top SEO ranking and have your site labeled as an Authority Site by the search engines. And he says you don’t even have to be a computer nerd.

Now you will learn how to have a site with lots more traffic. It could improve your site so you can make some more money or even earn your first bit of money. You must have heard that more traffic can mean more money and no traffic means no money.

You can make money without having to create tons of products. This eBook will give you a plan to begin getting more traffic to your website and maybe earning some money from your website. After all you did want to make money with that website. And with over 150 pages this is all meat.

Just check out some of the things you will learn:

- Easy Content Creation – This chapter is going to show you how to create content easily without the stress.  And for all of you who hate writing, this chapter will also show you tons of ways to get content that’s unique to your site without writing!

- Content Management Secrets – This chapter is incredible.  You are going to learn how you can set your site up once and after that, you can add rich new content to your website that looks superb without messing with any HTML after that initial setup!  Talk about a time and stress saver!

- Auto SEO – In this chapter you will learn how to setup your site to automatically optimize all of your content for the search engines.  Remember when I told you it costed thousands of dollars to hire an SEO firm?  Now you don’t need them and you still enjoy all of the benefits!

- Social Blogging – Blogging is huge but also becoming saturated.  In this chapter you are going to learn how to push your blog through the crowd and become noticed and highly ranked in the search engines Web 2.0 style!

- Web 2.0 Gems – This chapter could be sold as a product all by itself.  You are going to learn all of the best Web 2.0 properties that you can use for getting noticed.  This list has taken years of testing and tweaking to create and is worth it’s weight in gold!

- Tactical Traffic Tricks – This is where the rubber meets the road and you learn how to leverage as many Web 2.0 strategies as possible for maximum traffic.  This chapter makes it easy to understand and fast to pull off!

So now after you read this you may not have to hire a SEO firm for optimization of your site, This could save you thousands of dollars. You will be able to create your own content rich site and generate tons of highly targeted traffic.

I hear Mike has the Authority Site 2.0 Blueprint underpriced right now so you might want to think about heading over and getting your copy before he decides it needs to be raised. Get it right HERE.