Use Free Article Marketing To Help Build Up Your Readers

Time and creativity are really all you need to market your articles and to build your readership. No need to send email after email pitching your article only to find out they want to charge you a fee to feature your content, which will earn them revenue. There are some proven ways to promote your articles – that cost absolutely nothing. Spend a little time investing in these proven methods and your readership is sure to increase.

Logging into sites like Twitter, Myspace or Facebook opens up the ability to market yourself to every user that has an account or is on your friends list, which you can than enlist the help of your friends to further your promotion efforts! Literally, millions of people log onto these social networking sites everyday; that’s millions of potential readers right at your fingertips. Twitter in itself is a valuable resource that you can be utilizing to not only gain followers but to drum up ideas for your next big story or announcing your most recent article. With the creation of Twitter, people are “tweeting” about their pet’s, celebrity’s are gaining followers and now its time for you to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion of your own!

Another great way to get your articles in front of more people would be to utilize article submission websites such as StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon has over nine million faithful readers, which means by clicking a keyword they can be reading your articles. Having guests post on your blog opens up another whole venue of readers because the guest will market to their friends and acquaintances while you are doing some free article marketing to your friends as well as your friend’s friends.

You should also be diligent in monitoring where your articles or blog are showing up in search engine results. Monitoring where you are appearing in search engines based on keywords allows you to see which ones actually have the potential to entice readers to your articles. Linking is a very valuable resource to tap into; which enables you to link your articles to others with the same keywords to increase your readership. Free article marketing is not as difficult as you may think; you just have to become a little creative.

Article Marketing Strategies That You Can Use Right Now

Article marketing strategies have been shown as a great way of how you can use articles in your promotions. When you use articles it can be one of the most effective ways of getting those targeted prospects to your website. This is not a very complicated form of marketing though some would think so. Try some of these simple strategies to get started.

One of your first points should be to find a keyword that might be similar to your niche. Say you want to sell a product about making money on eBay. Then maybe you would want to start out by finding a keyword like “how to make money with ebay” or “ebay home business”. Check to see how many competing pages you find in Google for that keyword. Now, go into Google and search with quotation marks around your keyword. This will give you the total number of pages in Google that are targeted to that exact keyword. Now there is a wide disparity about this, but you want to stay with a keyword with between 30-60,000 results. Remember you are trying to beat them all and get up to the top of the the first page of results. Then write your article around that keyword and then submit it to as many directories as you can.

Another strategy you can use is to submit a well written article to directories and then post it with a link back to your blog where you have posted other high quality articles. You can then provide an opt-in form also called a squeeze page on that blog and have people subscribe to a newsletter and/or provide them with a free gift. Maybe an ebook you have written or have access to. Then you will have a list that you can market to. You can have them in an autoresponder to receive all kinds of marketing messages. Just make sure the messages also contain some good and useful information and an occasional marketing message. You want to gain their trust so they will listen to you and not have them see you as just trying to make money from them.

A third strategy would be to create some nicely written articles to promote and sell affiliate products. Now EzineArticles, the most popular article directory, will not allow you to point your backlink directly to an affiliate link (like a Clickbank affiliate link). But you could direct them to your website where you would be able to send them to your affiliate link.

You may not have thought of article marketing as being effective, but if you are not using it you should begin using it right now. Just start by writing some very high quality articles about your niche and then you will be able to use those articles in any of the article marketing strategies that were presented here. Any of these simple strategies could get you a lot of traffic which could turn into a huge amount of sales.

Good Organization Could Help You Write Your Article

At some point in your Internet Marketing endeavors you will be writing some articles. You might start off by writing a blog post, then it could be writing an article for an article directory and it could escalate into writing a short report that you might be doing for your new product. For whatever the reason there must be some type of organization before you get started. That organization will make it a lot easier to get started and will probably speed up the process and get it done faster.

Yes, it could depend a bit on your writing abilities, but no need to make the process any harder. There will be that need to concentrate on the task at hand, so get yourself prepared. If this will involve you only having a short period of time without any interruption, realize that you will probably not be able to complete the whole thing in one sitting. Use that time to plan out what you are going to write about, be it for that blog, article post or report. If you find yourself short of time pull up some links that may be of assistance to you later on. Go ahead and paste it on your outline page and then save it so you can save yourself some time when you return to complete the project.

Also, think about these questions to ask yourself before you start writing:

What will I actually need and why?
- Maybe some articles for article directories for some traffic.
- How about some articles for affiliates to use.
- Don’t forget those blog post to showcase your own products.
- That short report you will use to as a giveaway product to collect email addresses.
- And an ebook to go along with that new video product.

What will be your message and area of focus? (Would be good to know before you start writing)
How about that tool that will help you with xyz.
These are the results of your survey and this is what they mean.
This ebook sums up what you were saying in the videos.
This is a product I have reviewed and this is why I think it will help you.

Okay we are ready, here are your steps to writing:

1. Idea – This is your what, why, message and focus (see above).
2. Outline – A short outline listing 3 (or so) main points you would like to make.
3. Expand outline – each main point will have sub-points or explanations. Explain each one of those and you will have your main content.
4. Research – Try looking online using keywords, and offline in magazines or books. Hey, try the library!
5. Write introduction/body/conclusion/bio- You already wrote the body with the help of the expanded outline, now write the rest.

A good idea is to organize folders on your computer or external drive to keep your writing in – maybe by topic or project. For example, if you are writing articles about dogs for an article directory, put it in a folder entitled “Dogs” or your website name “DogsRMe” or your product folder “Dog Training Is For The Birds”. Be sure to note what you do with the article each time you use it. You think you will remember, but you won’t once you’ve written a number of articles and have them in a number of places, believe I know from personal experience, so type it in red at the top of the article.

My friend Doug Champigny understands the process and the problems associated with article marketing. His eBook “Beginners’ Key To…Understanding Article Marketing” will “Increase Your Web Site Traffic, Explode Your Opt-In List Building, Brand Yourself An Expert & Skyrocket Your Profits By Article Marketing Correctly!” If you find yourself having problems give it a try. it might help you through the rough spots.

Remember, writing articles, blog posts, reports, and/or eBooks is a part of marketing on the internet. If you get organized before you begin to write will make the whole process go quickly and painlessly.

And by the way, I am a paid affiliate so if you should purchase this product I do say I deserve a commission.

More Traffic To Promote Your Online Business

Everyone with a website wants to it to be seen by as many eyes as possible. One of the easiest ways for that to happen is with article marketing. It is a great way to promote your online business. Writing articles lets people know who you are and if they find your topic interesting it may get them to your site.

Granted article marketing is not the easiest thing for some people. To be able to sit down and put thoughts and ideas together on paper can be tough for some. Especially when you think that most article directories want your article to be at least 4-500 words long.

I sometimes have a hard time just writing a letter. But if you can just sit down and write out some thoughts, what do you want your article to be about, who is your target audience and other such thoughts and ideas it could get easier.

Once you start putting all of these thoughts and ideas down and get them organized, before you know it you may find that you have way more than 500 words. It could be so much that you may want to break it up and put it in a couple of articles. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Depending on who you are targeting your article to there are a few things you could do to get ideas. One of the best and easiest I have found is to visit forums on your topic. They are easily found just by going to Google and searching for forums for your specific topic.

Then you can read what everyone is posting comments about. You may hit on a topic that seems to keep coming up. Maybe it is a question that you already know about or that could be researched without any problem. From there that could help form an outline of a subject to write about.

Another good source could be Yahoo Answers. Go take a look there and again see what everyone is asking or looking for answers about. If something in your niche you could generate an artcle with that knowledge.

Once you have found a subject, have put your ideas down, have formed your outline for your article and have actually written your article, almost like the little red hen and baking bread, then what do you do? You will want to send your article to an article directory, a places to display your masterpiece.

There are many Article Directories out there. Again just do a google search for article directories, at last look i saw 132,000,000. Yes, that number is correct. There are a few and you will never get to them all. But pick a few and go have a look at them and read there rules and regulations.

A few of the article directories that I recommend are,, and Articlesbase. These are but a few of many to choose from and they all have their pluses and minuses. After you have tried a few you will find the ones that work best for you.

One of the most important parts of any article and the one that will help you get traffic is your resource box. This is where you get to tell your readers about who you are and what you do. This is where you get to sell yourself to them. This is where you can put a link to your website for them to find out more information.

They say a well written resource box can be the difference on whether someone wants to look at your site or not.  Go to some of the article directories and read some of the articles but pay close attention to the resource box. Does something about what is written catch your eye?

Well, that is how you want your resource box to look and sound. You want it to be exciting without going overboard. A boring resource box could kill someones interest in checking out your site. No interest could mean no traffic.

Article writing is but one component to getting traffic to your website. And it will not happen overnight. But that article will be around for a long time and could get picked up by other website owners to use as content on their website.

The good thing about this is they have to leave your resource box intact when publishing your article. Hence more eyes for you article and to your site.

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