A Look At Three Article Directories

Article marketing has been established as one of the best ways for driving traffic to your websites and blogs over the last few years. There are over 500 directories online just waiting to accept and publish your and others articles being written on just about any subject imaginable. Let’s have a look at three article directories which are very popular online, Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Associated content.

By far one of the most popular sites and has built its reputation as a premier, #1 article directory for over nine years. They have built a very high standard of quality, one article at a time, and that has helped them with their popularity with both authors and those seeking out new and quality content for their blogs, websites, ezines and newsletters. They are proudly advertising to “hundreds of thousands” of visitors everyday.

They will allow their new accounts to submit 10 articles that have to meet or exceed their editorial guidelines. If you can get your articles to meet their strict editorial guidelines, you could be upgraded to their Platinum membership level. But meeting their submission standards is not easy. they have an in-house editorial team to review every article submitted for publication.

They will only accept original articles and if you want to open an account with them, you will have to certify that you, as the author, have exclusive rights to the content. If you can meet that criteria, you will be able to display a badge of honor on your blogs and websites…Expert Author. Also, any articles you submit from then on get faster approval.

This is more than just an article directory site. You will see it is also a search engine with more than one million indexed articles. And they are very proud of the more than 135,000 authors and over 12,000 article submissions every week. They have a published goal of becoming the best and largest article database on the web.

GoArticles will index new artciles submitted to them once a day, which usually means that your article submissions are available and searchable within 24 hours of your submission. If you are a member of Go Articles and have at least one article submitted, you can buy a premium position at the top of any category or sub-category.

When you have made an article selection with the radio button below each article, they will email you your article immediately.

As an author submitting to, you could be benefited three ways. You could get paid for your articles, have your articles published and delivered on their partner sites.

When you open an account, you will be able to submit articles on any topic or choose an assignment that someone needs written. You could submit articles, videos audio or images. The size of your audience for your submissions could be millions of monthly visitors. You can also submit to Facebook and Twitter or to your blog directly.

As you submit articles, you can earn money in two ways, payment up-front or on a performance bonus based on the traffic generated to your articles. Usually the up-front payment is small, ranging from $4 to $5. They will pay up-front for a wide range of articles: product reviews, how-to-articles, guides of all types, and holiday articles, to name a few.

Now, the performance bonus is controlled by page views, usually at the rate of $1.50 for 1000 page views. That rate can change at any time.

From the over 500 article directories online at any given time, the three directories talked about here are class acts. As with most quality businesses, you should provide good content in order to take advantage of the positive benefit to your reputation as a credible author.