Have You Thought About Your Affiliate Tools Needs?

When you are thinking of launching a product, there are many things that you have to do and decisions that have to be made. One question you should have on your list is, should I have an affiliate program? Just by answering yes, you will be happy with your decision and think you are good to go. But before you start celebrating, remember you are not ready to launch your product yet. You should set up some tools for your affiliates before you start asking them to sign up.

Having affiliates is a great way to sell more products, but you can be sure that some affiliates want and expect a little help. There is more to an affiliate program than just doing the techy work and making sure the affiliate splits are correct. Make sure you have an affiliate page with tools to help them sell your product.

You might think it is a time consuming process, you are trying to get your product launched and don’t feel like you have time for it, but having tools available will help them, and you, make more money.

By offering an assortment of tools for your affiliates, they can pick and choose which ones they want to use, based on their style of affiliate marketing. Some affiliates might want keyword suggestions and others might love pixel banners. Cater to everyone and let them use their favorite marketing methods.

Not really sure what your affiliate tools page should look like? Why not take a look at what other marketers do. Watch out for how they set up their page. This page not only includes tools, but it’s a bit of a sales page itself telling or reminding people who visit why they should become your affiliate. You might even see some with a table on the page that shows how much you can make in a month if you make, say, 5 sales a day.

How does their affiliate page look? Do they look like they care? Is there ongoing support for affiliates? Is there possibly an affiliate manager or an affiliate blog or forum that’s designed to help affiliates succeed? And what else do they offer?

Try this list for things you might have in your toolbox:

ads in different shapes and sizes
auto link changer
link cloaker
blog posts
autoresponder series
product review posts
free reports
brandable PDFs
ebook covers
text links
signature links
video product reviews
video interviews

You may not need to include all of these things, especially if you are launching your first product, but it would not be bad to include some of them. This is just a list to get those creative juices flowing for you, to think about what you could offer to help your affiliates make sales.

It is always helpful to have a pretty good array of promotional materials if you plan on asking some big names to sell to their lists. You can bet they want and expect to see items such as promotional emails they can fine tune and send out. Make it as easy as possible for them. After all they could be doing something else.

You also might try having instructions on your affiliate page telling new affiliates what to do and the order to do it in. You just can’t assume you are working with the big dogs who already know, there will be beginners joining your team as well. Remember when you had to learn this stuff?

You could use this example for numbering your steps:

1. Get yourself a Clickbank ID here.
2. Here is what you can do with the tools (and this to your blog, email this to your list, set up a lens with this, etc.)
3. Now download these promo tools.
4. Sign up to this affiliates list for further updates.

So, in conclusion, you will want to have at least a few promotional items for your affiliates to use. Of course you may think this is to much work as you get ready to launch your product, But end the end it will be a big help to your affiliates and ultimately yourself.