Advanced Twitter Marketing System Interview With Doug Champigny


Advanced Twitter Marketing System and Twitter Time Saver – A Good Pair Working Together

In my last few post I have tried to tell you about two remarkable new tools I am using on Twitter. The Advanced Twitter Marketing System and Twitter Time Saver are now incorporated to work together and I feel they are the perfect compliment to one another.

And why wouldn’t they. You have two of the brightest internet minds working providing these quality products. And they have definitely come up with a winner.

Doug Champigny brought out the Advanced Twitter Marketing System about a couple of weeks ago and it is going like gangbusters. Now I could tell you about how good it is suppose to work and how others are showing results.

But that would not be fair to you or to Doug. You see I wanted to see if his system was any good. I had heard some claims and he had presented his findings but I wanted to test it myself. I started with a new Twitter account, @learningaffil, on May 19th. Here we are on June 3rd and I have almost 2100 followers. And I get about 50-60 more each day. I would say it works.

Now with this group I have it targeted to a specific niche so most of the traffic I am receiving is based on a targeted keyword. I am still implementing more of his tactics but I am pleased so far.

Mike Paetzold has released his book titled Twitter Time Saver. What a title, uh? For anyone who has used or is using Twitter, you know how addicting it can be. Well Mike has a system that can make life a lot easier for you. Especially if you are using Twitter for your business.

He takes you step by step through showing you exactly what you need to be doing to make things go quicker for you as you tweet. And once set up, which took no more than about 15-20 minutes, your business world will open up new opportunities.

Can you take about 10 short minutes about 3 times a day to tweet? You can with this system. Mike has made it oh so easy for you. You really ought to give it a try. Now I am just getting this set up so I will be back with a report but I can see the potential.

Once you have tried the Advanced Twitter Marketing System and Twitter Time Saver you will be wondering whatever took you so long and where have these tools been hiding. Well, they have not been hiding it just took some brilliant minds to produce them. There was a need.