How About Some Adsense Questions And Answers

Have you ever seen those Google Adsense ads? You have probably seen them on a thousand websites. And you know that people are making money by showing those ads on their websites. Now you’re probably thinking it’s about time you start having Adsense on your website too. But you have a few questions. You are not alone and we will try to answer a few questions here.

What ad format should I use?

You might want to take a look at how your website is laid out. You want to determine where your Adsense ads should be placed. Those ads can be put within your content and/or you could place them in your site borders. Be sure to pay attention to how much room you have.

If you are thinking of placing them in the master border of your website or in a widget on your blog, the format is going to depend on how much space you have – width and length. You should experiment with the different formats to see which fit and which look good.

Be sure to keep in mind that long skinny ads can be hard to read because the ad wording is all chopped up. Our eyes want to read more than 2 or 3 words before being forced to move back to the left to start a new line. According to Adsense, their best performing ads are the 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper.

When adding Adsense to content, it is not as restrictive and you can use any size rectangle or square ad unit. Also make sure you are not settling on your first pick though, test test test to figure out which placements earn you the most.

Sometimes a limitation of space may force you to think about using the link unit ads. They might be perfect for tight fits where you might want to place some advertising. You may try either vertical or horizontal link units.

It might be a good idea to use a combination of text ads, link units and image ads. Just remember you are limited to the number you can use on each site. Check Adsense’s TOS for the exact number. You probably shouldn’t use all that you can anyway. It can make the information on your site hard to read and lends a spammy quality to it.

Should you use image ads or text ads?

Without a doubt Google Adsense encourages you to use both and offers an option for that. What that means is your ad spot may be either an image or a text.

There were those who argued against using image ads because it was overdone in the past and people are blind to them. I beg to differ now as so many people aren’t using image ads these days, perhaps now is the time to start putting them on your site.

Go ahead and give it a try and see which perform better for you.

And now which colors should you use?

That will depend on the colors already used on your site. You should take note of the background color, font color, header colors and any additional colors used in the content.

You have three choices:

Blend – This would be choosing a white background for the ad if your site has a white background, no borders around your ads and the title color is one of the colors on your site. If your site’s words are black but you do titles in red, then consider having your ad titles in the same red.

Complement -  This means don’t be as matchy-matchy as you would be if you were blending.  Maybe you want a border around your ad, or you don’t want the ad background color to be exactly the same as the website background color.  Otherwise, you use existing colors from your site.

Contrast – Perhaps you have a website with black background and white lettering. An AdSense box with a black background won’t stand out and might not be noticed.  Consider a contrasting background color for the ad.

If the same people are returning to your site, they may have become blind to your ads. Take some time to move them around and change colors. You will not only get them noticed but it tests what is working the best for you.

Feel like something you might want to check out, here are some easy things that could get you started. My friend Doug Champigny has a great little membership site called the Easy Articles Pro Membership. It will provide you with 100 articles each month in 4 different niches. Also has the appropriate Header Graphics with each niche both in .PSD format for those with PhotoShop, and in .JPG format for those using other programs/methods.

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