A Personal Blog Is What You Make it To Be

No one knows how many blogs there are on the internet and what subjects are covered – new blogs keep appearing every moment and there is no subject that is not being blogged about by someone somewhere. Blogs have been around for a little over 10 years although having become a part of so many peoples lives, it seems that they have been in existence for much longer than that. Blogs, or web logs to give them their full name, began in the late 1990s as posts of personal information and opinions by individuals – thus the term “log” as in log book or record. In other words, the first blogs were personal blogs and the majority today is still the same.

Many people who would like to start blogging do not do so because they are not sure what they can write about and also what subjects will find readers. These questions have answers that are very simple – bloggers can write about anything they have strong opinions on which they want to share with the world and as to the matter of whether there will be readers, the fact is that the internet has people of every kind, opinion and taste and whatever comes out in a personal blog will find people who will read it and respond. Often little known but important issues have been brought to the public’s notice through personal blogs.

But even well known issues are subjects for personal blogs when the blogger feels that they are not being shown in the proper light or that people do not understand their significance. Personal blogs are also used to spread awareness of what the blogger thinks are unseen, unappreciated or deliberately concealed aspects of issues of popular concerns as can be seen by the huge number of blogs that comment on what the authors think are hidden aspects of things like the war, the recession, the World Series, The failure of Pakistan as a nation and so on.

A personal blog that is popular and has a regular and loyal bunch of readers can be a money maker for the blogger – it is possible to sell advertising space on the blog and this can be a source of regular income to the author; although since the money paid depends on the regular readership, a blog has to be very popular to earn a significant amount.  Personal blogs have a larger social service to perform as may be seen in the cases of countries where press freedom is curtailed and the only way the people in the rest of the world get to know what is really happening is by reading the personal blogs that emerge from these places. Money making and social responsibility are secondary aspects – the main function of a personal blog is to allow the blogger to have his say.

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  1. That’s the beauty of the Internet – no matter what the subject or what your viewpoint is, there are others who would find your blog interesting. But to get your message out as far and wide as possible, personal bloggers would be wise to learn the systems used by professional bloggers and marketers to get that exposure and massive audience.
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